Here's some old stuff; a sporadic diary, a bit about my friend and colleague Rory Hallahan, and some bile about the olympics:


In case you don't know (and if you don't, what are you doing here ?), in July 2003 I was involved in a road accident, which caused extensive nerve damage. Although the visible effects of the accident were minimal - just a few abrasions and a small skull fracture - the consequences of someone riding a motorbike over my head were severe; complete neck-down paralysis at first, no ability to swallow or speak...over the next six months I regained some access to my body, after which the improvement slowed considerably. By that time, though, I was just about able to type, and my friend Tig bought me this domain for Christmas. As I was barely able to speak and stuck in hospital this was (and still is) the best way for me to communicate. I left the hospital in August 2004, although I'm still nowhere near recovered.

I don't like the word blog.

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