MAY 2006 gets its annual update. I was going to give it a faux-Victorian makeover, all different fonts centre-justified, curly-wurly borders and a sepia background, but I gave it a go and it wasn't all that. Also these fuckers beat me to it. So you missed out on MR. SPARSHOTT’S INTER-WEB COMPENDIUM OF MISCELLANEA, featuring VARIOUS FALSEHOODS, A MISCELLANY OF MISANTHROPY AND BAH-HUMBUGGERY and AN ACCOUNT OF SEVERAL VOYAGES TO THE ISLAND OF CUBA. Never mind, eh ?

Then I thought I'd go for a really crappy old skool style; tiled GIF background, rotating chrome "@" e-mail link, animated flames and lots of yellow stars containing the word NEW. But that would have caused such hilarity that viewers would be rendered incontinent. Also I didn't know how to do it. UNDER CONSTRUCTION. LAST UPDATE APRIL 1997.

Actually, the big news since last year is that I went to Cuba and you can read all about that. In February I broke my leg, which has set me back quite badly. That's in here too, as is all the old stuff from my sporadic diary - with a bit of new commentary - and newly-edited versions of a few book extracts. Rummage at will.




Oh yes, how am I ? As this was the original point of the site, here it is:


After two years at home, exercising and repeating the same tasks daily (washing, dressing, etc) and undergoing a plethora of different therapies, I've had to conclude that, apart from my speech, I really haven't got any better. So - I'm now looking into Direct Action; treating the source of all the problems, the damage to my brainstem, and the most likely technique is stem cell therapy. I've started with a carefully composed letter to the director of the RNRU (the neurological rehab unit I was in), but I may be putting out a general request for leads.

I know, I shouldn't put all my eggs in one basket, especially a basket that hasn't been invented yet, but there aren't any other baskets left in the basket shop.

If you ever need any unwieldy metaphors, you know where to come.